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Webinar series on adaptation: Designing an adaptation strategy and action plan

The webinar consists of three presentations of different aspects to developing an adaptation strategy and an action plan, including a practical demonstration of the RESIN Adaptation Options Library as a tool for identifying adaptation measures. After each presentation there is a short Q&A session with audience questions.


  • Supporting municipalities in the development of adaptation action plans - Agate Goyarrola, Udalsarea 2030, Basque Network of Sustainable Municipalities, Spain
  • The Adaptation Options Library: A tool for local authorities (live demo) - Peter Bosch, TNO, The Netherlands
  • Participatory approaches for climate change adaptation planning - Eira Rosberg, City of Lahti, Finland

This webinar is the second part of a series dedicated to adaptation to climate change in cities and urban settings, organized by the Covenant of Mayors in 2019. The series consists of 4 parts:

  1. Assessing risks and vulnerabilities
  2. Designing an adaptation strategy
  3. Monitoring and evaluating adaptation actions
  4. Financing adaptation actions

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