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  • EEA page on economic losses from climate-related extremes over the period 1980-2016

    16 Mar 2018

    The indicator on 'economic losses from climate-related extremes' is showing the number of fatalities, and the overall and insured economic losses from climate-related disasters over the period 1980-2016 in EEA member countries.

  • Feedback from cities sought by the EU Urban Agenda partnership on Climate Adaptation

    16 Mar 2018

    The Partnership on Climate Adaptation seeks to identify challenges related to climate adaptation in the urban environment. Through a questionnaire, this Partnership would like to see how bottlenecks, related to the cities capacity to adapt to climate change, are according to other cities in Europe.

  • Global warming increases the risk of avalanches

    14 Mar 2018

    The impacts of global warming are felt in mountainous regions, where the rise in temperatures is above average, affecting both glacierized landscapes and water resources. The repercussions of these changes are manifold; from retreating glaciers to an increase in the frequency and intensity of snow avalanches, according to Swiss research.

  • RAMSES project results on impact of research on adaptation to climate change in cities

    26 Feb 2018

    RAMSES, a five-year EU project concluded in September 2017, research results are summarized in a final report: analysed structural features of cities, and developed tools, such as an innovative urban climate model to be applied to Antwerp, London, and Bilbao.

  • Assessing climate change costs in Europe: the innovative approach of the COACCH project

    21 Feb 2018

    The recent started EU project COACCH, aiming at providing an improved downscaled assessment of the risks and costs of climate change in Europe, brings modelling teams in climate change impact assessment together with stakeholders to co-develop methods and analyses in an innovative research practice.

  • European Food Safety Authority survey on climate change and risks for food safety

    15 Feb 2018

    The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has launched a survey -opened until 07 March 2018- on climate change and emerging risks for food safety, including plant and animal health. Expert opinions on emerging issues for food safety potentially affected by climate change will feed a new method for identifying, ranking and prioritizing emerging risks in the EU for food/feed safety, as well as plant and animal health, potentially related to climate change.

  • Global warming poses substantial flood risk increase for Central and Western Europe

    29 Jan 2018

    Europe is expected to see a considerable increase in flood risk in coming years, even under an optimistic climate change scenario of 1.5°C warming compared to pre-industrial levels.

  • Report on forest fire danger extremes in Europe under climate change

    17 Jan 2018

    In recent years, large forest fires have repeatedly affected Europe, in particular the Mediterranean countries. Fire danger is influenced by weather in the short term, and by climate when considering longer time intervals. In this technical report, the emphasis is on the direct influence on fire danger of weather and climate.

  • Hiding from a warmer climate in the forest

    11 Jan 2018

    Global warming threatens forest plants adapted to cooler temperatures. An international team of scientists unravelled where these species could survive within colder spots in the same forest.

  • Agriculture at risk in Italy: the potential impacts of climate change

    09 Jan 2018

    The impacts of climate change might threaten agricultural productivity and food security in Italy. Those are the results of a study on a detailed dataset of 16,000 farms across Italy.