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  • European Commission guidelines on Member States' adaptation strategies, plans and policies

    03 Aug 2023

    The European Commission has adopted a new set of guidelines to assist Member States in updating and implementing comprehensive national adaptation strategies, plans and policies. The guidelines are in line with the European Climate Law and the EU Strategy on adaptation to climate change and can help to upgrade preparations for the reality of rapidly intensifying impacts of climate change. They put forward new topics and policy areas that need to be considered in policy-making to ensure better outcomes such as Nature-based solutions and just resilience.

  • Tool to find funding opportunities for regional adaptation to climate change

    31 Jul 2023

    The REGILIENCE project, funded by the European Commission under HORIZON 2020, provides a comprehensive list of funding opportunities for climate adaptation projects. From local to international sources, this tool helps to filter funding opportunities based on your location, sectors (including agriculture, energy, transport, water, and more), project size and eligibility criteria.

  • Discover useful adaptation tools

    28 Jul 2023

    The Climate Adaptation Mission projects ARSINOE, IMPETUS, REGILIENCE and TransformAr are developing tools which support European regions in their efforts to adapt to climate change and achieve their sustainability goals. The first set of 14 tools are available.

  • The Climate Resilience Post - stay up-to-date with the latest developments in climate adaptation

    28 Jul 2023

  • Climate-Health Cluster joint session at conference on connecting Health & Climate Change

    26 Jul 2023

    The Climate-Health Cluster, including the BlueAdapt, CATALYSE, CLIMOS, HIGH Horizons, IDAlert and TRIGGER projects, organizes a joint session on “Health Impacts of Climate Change: a way forward with the Climate-Health Cluster" at the ENBEL 2023 conference.

  • Have your say to build a European Network on Climate Change Adaptation

    13 Jul 2023

    The EU Mission Adaptation project 'TransformAr', has recently launched a new questionnaire to build a European Network on Climate Change Adaptation. The questionnaire aims at building this network to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange, and discussion on transformative adaptation, starting with organizing webinars on various topics, such as Nature-Based Solutions and Digital & Technological Solutions.

  • The state of the climate in Europe 2022

    11 Jul 2023

    This WMO report shows how Europe has been warming twice as much as the global average since the 1980s. It has a special focus on energy and highlights how more extreme weather, including intense heat, heavy precipitation and droughts have growing implications for the supply, demand and infrastructure of Europe’s energy system.

  • Daring Cities 2023 dialogues for multilevel climate action

    07 Jul 2023

    During a multi-day event hosted by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, representatives from governments, intergovernmental agencies, research institutions and broader civil society gathered. They actively exchanged on challenges and approaches to responding to the climate emergency in a just and equitable way, amongst others by discussing the Sharm-El-Sheikh Adaptation Agenda.

  • EU proposes new outlook on the climate and security nexus

    07 Jul 2023

    The European Commission and the High Representative adopted a Joint Communication to the European Parliament and to the Council, laying out how the EU will address the growing impact of climate change and environmental degradation in the fields of peace, security, and defence. One of the four priorities is enhancing the climate adaptation and mitigation measures of Member States' civilian and military operations and infrastructure. Resilience to climate change is a key concept in the Joint Communication.

  • North Macedonia joins the EU LIFE programme for environment and climate action

    05 Jul 2023

    North Macedonia is the fourth non-EU country to join the LIFE programme for environment and climate action, after Iceland, Ukraine and Moldova. By joining this programme, North Macedonia will have the opportunity to benefit from LIFE’s support for mobilising public and private resources for climate action, biodiversity protection, circular economy and clean energy transition.