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  • European Investment Bank sees investment barriers on climate resilience in the EU 2023

    22 Feb 2024

    An authoritative assessment by the European Investment Bank (EIB) Group on investment hurdles in the European Union includes an assessment of climate resilience investments in transport systems. Europe is highly dependent on a functional transport infrastructure. However, uncertainty about the future, policy misalignment, the nature of externalities, time horizons, scarce information and lack of capacity slow down investments in climate-adaptive infrastructure.

  • Climate change adaptation in Eurobarometer survey

    21 Feb 2024

    A survey of the European Commission shows that many respondents see the EU authorities well prepared to respond to the increase in natural hazards as a result of climate change in Europe. Furthermore, respondents consider that coordinated EU preparedness and response should prioritise disasters related to climate change wildfires, floods and cyclones over medical emergencies, earthquakes and other types of disasters.

  • Belgian Presidency of EU Council facilitated Liège declaration on adaptation to climate change

    21 Feb 2024

    At the Climate Chance Europe Wallonia Summit on 8-9 February 2024 the Liège declaration was adopted. It is a an ambitious collective roadmap that will mark a decisive milestone in the work of the Belgian Presidency of the EU Council. Key messages will be conveyed to the European institutions with a view to a renewed and strengthened European Green Deal after 2024.

  • Barcelona declares drought emergency

    20 Feb 2024

    After months of warnings, authorities in Catalonia have declared a drought emergency. The region is in the midst of the worst drought since records began. Catalonia has experienced 40 consecutive months of below-average rainfall. Experts say climate change is driving the drought, with the entire Mediterranean region expected to warm faster than many other parts of the world in the coming years.

  • Policy brief on the European Drought Observatory for Resilience and Adaptation (EDORA)

    20 Feb 2024

    The EDORA Science for Policy Brief showcases that the network of Drought Observatories in the EU provides technical and scientific support to collect drought impact data and analysis. It also develops tailored sectoral and a regionally disaggregated drought risk assessments to adapt to the risk posed by droughts and water scarcity, both in the current climate and in the future climate.

  • DRMKC's roadmap to disaster resilience

    20 Feb 2024

    The EU Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Centre (DRMKC) provides an infographic, a report, the recording and presentations of its 7th Annual seminar of 21 November 2023 (A Roadmap to disaster resilience). The seminar enhanced knowledge exchange and collaboration between the Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction communities. The outcomes are clustered in knowledge gaps, EU policy developments, innovative solutions and the role of science.

  • European Central Bank steps up climate work with focus on climate change adaptation

    20 Feb 2024

    The European Central Bank (ECB) will deepen its analysis of the impact of extreme weather events on inflation and the financial system, and how this can be integrated into climate scenarios and macroeconomic projections. It will also assess the potential impact of adaptation to climate change, or lack thereof, on the economy and financial sector, including related investment needs and the insurance protection gap. Those topics are foreseen for 2024-2025 work programme.

  • Survey to support climate adaptation in central Macedonia, Greece

    20 Feb 2024

    This survey of the EU funded REGILIENCE (Regional Pathways to Climate Resilience) project aims to measure the level of awareness and participation of citizens in the Central Macedonia Region in Greece. It covers the effects of climate change and regional needs. The results contribute to the development of resilience actions in the region.

  • Webinar recording and presentation on new and updated Climate-ADAPT knowledge resources available

    15 Feb 2024

    On 24 January 2024, the 14th Climate-ADAPT Webinar showcased new and updated knowledge resources and policy information on Climate-ADAPT, such as the new Adaptation Dashboard from the EU Mission on adaptation and a Dashboard on national adaptation policies. Those new tools support adaptation policies, planning and implementation, in particular at regional and local levels. Finally, an overview on the upcoming Climate-ADAPT evaluation introduced ways towards a renewed platform for the next EU policy term.

  • Shellfish and fisheries sector in Galicia impacted by tropicalization of fish fauna

    13 Feb 2024

    A publication of the EU H2020 project TransformAr shows that more new fish parasites, top predators and herbivorous fish show up in Galician waters because of sea temperature rise. This is a risk for the shellfish and fisheries sector and illustrates the need for transformational adaptation.