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  • Key messages on standardization of climate services

    02 May 2024

    The EU-funded Climateurope2 project annually formulates key messages for the standardization of climate services, applicable for European standardisation bodies and relevant organizations. They aim to support the development of high-quality and easily accessible climate services, including for policy-makers.

  • EEA report: Cities are key to a climate-resilient Europe, stronger adaptation targets can boost progress

    29 Apr 2024

    Most Europeans live in urban areas and cities play a key role in protecting citizens and improving the resilience of European societies against the increasing impacts of climate change. The recently published European Environment Agency’s report: 'Urban adaptation in Europe: what works?' takes stock of urban adaptation in Europe, showcasing what actions cities are taking in response to increasing climate risks, and what is already working.

  • Summary of Climateurope2 festival

    25 Apr 2024

    Under the title 'Bridging science, services and standards for a climate-resilient future', the EU-funded Climateurope2 festival was held in Venice, Italy, from March 11-13, 2024. Once session focused on how climate services support the EU Mission on Climate Change Adaptation, contributing to the efforts of EU regions, cities, and local authorities in increasing resilience against climate change impacts.

  • 2024 calls for project proposals of the LIFE programme

    19 Apr 2024

    CINEA recently published the 2024 calls for project proposals of the LIFE programme, inviting interested and eligible organisations to apply for LIFE funding for their projects.

  • Climate-ADAPT evaluation survey open until 13 May 2024

    17 Apr 2024

    We invite you to participate in a survey on Climate-ADAPT and its two sub-sites, the European Climate and Health Observatory and the EU Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change Portal. Completing the questionnaire will take approximately 15 minutes. The evaluation is commissioned by the Directorate-General for Climate Action and the European Environment Agency and conducted by Ramboll.

  • Improved EU Funding & Tenders Portal

    12 Apr 2024

    The Directorate-General for Informatics (DIGIT) announced that the EU Funding and Tenders Portal has a new design and advanced search capabilities. That allows to find information relevant to adaptation more easily. With the portal users can discover funding and tenders opportunities, implemented through the EU 2021-2027 multiannual financial framework, divided by heading and cluster. There is access to specific EU funding Programme’s information, from reference documents to eligibility criteria and guidelines for participants or projects and results.

  • 2023 Monitoring Report on the German Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change

    09 Apr 2024

    The German Federal government presents the third ⁠monitoring⁠ report on the German strategy for adaptation to climate change. This report provides scientifically sound and accessible information for the public as well as decision-makers in all sectors on tangible impacts of climate change in 2023 and on adaptation that is taking place. The previous report dates from 2019.

  • Buildings and Climate Global Forum – Declaration de Chaillot

    29 Mar 2024

    The first ever Buildings and Climate Global Forum, organised by the French Government and the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), concluded with the adoption by representatives of 70 countries of the Declaration de Chaillot, a foundational document for international cooperation that will enable progress towards a rapid, fair, and effective transition of the sector. They will develop an operational roadmap with a monitoring mechanism to address the combined challenges of decarbonisation, adaptation and resilience, and transition in the buildings sector.

  • WMO Climate change indicators show record levels in 2023

    25 Mar 2024

    The State of Global Climate report from the World Meteorological Organization confirms that 2023 broke records for many climate indicators. Heatwaves, floods, droughts, wildfires and rapidly intensifying tropical cyclones caused misery and mayhem, upending every-day life for millions. Cost of climate inaction is found to be higher than cost of climate action.

  • GreenData4All call to deliver on Europe's green and digital transformation

    19 Mar 2024

    The ‘GreenData4All’ initiative should update EU rules on environmental geospatial data and on public access to environmental information, to enable greater sharing of data between the public & private sectors and with the general public and to unlock the full benefits of data sharing for data-driven innovation and evidence-based decisions, also for climate adaptation.