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  • Bulletins of the euROpean observAtory on Disaster risk and crisis MAnagement best Practices (ROADMAP) Project: 4th bulletin on “Management of the floods and landslides risk”

    23 Feb 2022

    The euROpean observAtory on Disaster risk and crisis MAnagement best Practices (ROADMAP) has the main objective to establish a European “Doctrine on disaster risk and crisis management”, funded on the mutual cooperation between scientific communities and disaster risk management (DRM) authorities. The fourth bulletin focuses on floods and landslides due to their potential severe and even disastrous consequences with fatalities, diseases, and construction and infrastructure failures, and can damage or completely destroy vast areas of a country. According to the IPCC (IPCC 2021), both the probability and the consequences of floods and landslides are expected to increase in the coming decades, as a result of climate change and increased vulnerabilities and exposure, especially in urban areas.

  • EU Mission 'Adaptation to Climate Change': updated work programme and info day recordings available

    18 Feb 2022

    The updated work programme and info day recording of the EU Mission 'Adaptation to Climate Change' present the planned call topics, funding opportunities and timelines for potential applicants.

  • Green Deal: EU invests over €110 million in LIFE projects for environment and climate in eleven EU countries

    17 Feb 2022

    The European Commission announced an investment of over €110 million in LIFE programme integrated projects for environmental and climate protection. The funding will support major new environmental and climate projects in 11 EU countries: Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland and Slovenia. The projects contribute to a green recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic and support the European Green Deal's objectives of making the EU climate neutral and pollution free by 2050.

  • Climate services guide: approaches and good practices from the European Research Area for Climate Services projects

    10 Feb 2022

    This guide to climate services presents projects funded under the European Research Area for Climate Services (ERA4CS), a co-funded action initiated by JPI Climate with co-funding by the European Union, national public Research Funding Organisations (RFOs), and Research Performing Organisations (RPOs) from 18 European countries. It sets out to increase understanding of different pathways, methods, and approaches to improve knowledge co-production in the area of climate services.

  • Urban Climate Adaptation: what tools could accelerate the uptake of Nature-Based Solutions in cities?

    09 Feb 2022

    As part of the Adaptive Cities Through integrated Nature-based Solutions (ACT on NbS) project, funded by EIT-Climate KIC, researchers at Wageningen University & Research, Deltares and the University of Bologna, assessed the different challenges that cities experience in urban NbS implementation. They conducted structured interviews and workshops with municipalities, and reviewed available tools that support NbS uptake in urban areas.

  • Rehabilitation centre now a part of climate-adapted recreational park in Aarhus, Denmark

    04 Feb 2022

    New synergies have emerged in climate change adaptation efforts in Aarhus, Denmark. The surroundings of the Danish centre for rehabilitation, research and development - MarselisborgCentret - integrate health, urban nature, rehabilitation and climate change adaptation in a single project. The project is called SPARK and it is part of the local water company (Aarhus Vand's) strategy to contain and retain almost all the rainwater that falls on the centre site.

  • Economic losses from weather extremes in Europe reached around half a trillion euros over past 40 years

    03 Feb 2022

    Extreme weather events like storms, heatwaves and flooding accounted for economic losses of around half a trillion euros over the past 40 years and led to between 85,000 and 145,000 human fatalities across Europe. Less than one-third of these losses were insured, according to a European Environment Agency (EEA) analysis of economic losses and fatalities from weather and climate-related events.

  • Copernicus Climate Change Service data supports research and policy-making throughout 2021

    02 Feb 2022

    The Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) generated a wide range of authoritative, quality-controlled information and datasets about the state of the climate, in support of scientific research and climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies carried out by policy makers and businesses. C3S released its annual findings showing that, globally, the last seven years were the seven warmest on record by a clear margin, with Europe experiencing its warmest summer on record.

  • Green space in European cities is key to well-being – but access varies

    01 Feb 2022

    High-quality green and blue spaces in cities, like parks, riverbanks and coastlines, are crucial for health and well-being, in particular for the elderly, children and people on low incomes. A European Environment Agency briefing shows that access is not equal, and that cities in the north and west of Europe tend to have more green space than cities in southern and eastern Europe.

  • Improving water management and resilience to extreme weather events: TEACHER-CE Toolbox released

    31 Jan 2022

    The Interreg funded TEACHER-CE project (joinT Efforts to increase water management Adaptation to climate CHanges in central EuRope) has launched the CC-ARP-CE tool as the project’s main output. This online platform aims to support stakeholders of water management in integrated strategies and actions to adapt to climate change and to prevent and reduce the associated risks for the Central part of Europe.