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  • European Handbook for Sustainable Development Goals Voluntary Local Review

    15 Aug 2022

    The 2022 edition of this handbook provides policy makers and urban practitioners a consolidated method and examples of indicators that local and regional governments can use to monitor the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Voluntary Local Reviews are processes that encompass both the monitoring and the analysis of the achievements with respect to the SDGs at a local level. The Handbook includes detailed and updated information on 72 indicators and related data sources, which can enable cities to measure their progress toward the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. New information related to adaptation to climate change is provided under SDG 13 (Climate action).

  • New policy page on Climate-ADAPT: Just resilience

    01 Aug 2022

    The most vulnerable people and systems are most at risk from climate change impacts, have the least capacity to adapt, and are the least likely to benefit from adaptation actions. A new page on Climate-ADAPT informs about key actions on ‘leaving no-one behind’ in recent and forthcoming EU policies related to climate adaptation, including the European Green Deal policy package and the EU Mission on adaptation to climate change.

  • A policy content analysis for evaluating urban adaptation justice in İstanbul (Turkey)

    01 Aug 2022

    There is a distinct lack of targets for realizing urban adaptation justice in policy documents. Researchers conclude that the underlying vulnerability of marginalized communities to climate change impacts is not being addressed, and identify urban adaptation justice in authoritarian governance contexts as a critical research gap.

  • New Health and Climate Change Country Profiles

    01 Aug 2022

    Over 80 countries have participated in the Health and Climate Change Country Profile initiative since it began in 2015. The profiles summarize evidence of the climate hazards and health risks facing countries. The current 2021-2022 global series includes European countries.

  • G7 Health Ministers agree on climate roadmap

    01 Aug 2022

    In a joint statement, the health leaders from the Group of 7 recognized an essential role for national public health institutes in climate action. They committed to enhanced collaboration on climate and environmental health impacts, and backed a roadmap of the International Association of National Public Health Institutes (IANPHI) for action on health and climate change.

  • Lancet Countdown benefits from new EU-funded project

    01 Aug 2022

    IDAlert, a new project funded by the European Commission, will support the Lancet Countdown Europe by developing indicators to monitor the impact of climate change on human health, in particular focusing on zoonotic diseases in the EU, and ensuring long-term sustainability, policy impact and uptake.

  • Recommendations for conducting climate risk assessments at the municipal level

    15 Jul 2022

    In view of the ever-increasing progress of climate change, assessing the risks is becoming increasingly important. Especially at the municipal level, the effects of climate change need to be identified and ensuing risks be assessed in order for effective precautionary action to be taken. The recommendations provided in the paper from the German Environment Agency (UBA) facilitate the preparation and implementation of climate risk assessments at the municipal level, by taking the international standard “Adaptation to climate change – Guidelines on vulnerability, impacts and risk assessment” (ISO 14091:2021-07) as a basis.

  • New project launched on strengthening Europe’s resilience to emerging health threats

    04 Jul 2022

    Tackling the emergence and transmission of zoonotic pathogens requires developing novel indicators, early warning systems, tools for decision-makers, and evaluating adaptation and mitigation strategies. The EU funded IDAlert project (Infectious Disease decision-support tools and Alert systems to build climate Resilience to emerging health Threats) will build on its ties with the European Climate and Health Observatory, and the Lancet Countdown in Europe to guarantee long-term sustainability, policy impact and uptake.

  • Ukraine joins the LIFE programme for environment and climate

    28 Jun 2022

    Ukraine is the first non-EU country to join the programme. LIFE’s support could help to restore the Ukrainian environment after the destruction brought about by the Russian invasion. Ukrainian applicants can already submit proposals under the 2022 LIFE calls for proposals.

  • 118 regions and local authorities join the EU Mission for Adaptation to Climate Change

    08 Jun 2022

    On 7 June 2022, the European Commission announced the first 118 regions and local authorities that will participate in the EU Mission for Adaptation to Climate Change, the so-called Mission Adaptation, which will support the European Green Deal and the EU Climate Adaptation Strategy.