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  • EU proposes new outlook on the climate and security nexus

    07 Jul 2023

    The European Commission and the High Representative adopted a Joint Communication to the European Parliament and to the Council, laying out how the EU will address the growing impact of climate change and environmental degradation in the fields of peace, security, and defence. One of the four priorities is enhancing the climate adaptation and mitigation measures of Member States' civilian and military operations and infrastructure. Resilience to climate change is a key concept in the Joint Communication.

  • North Macedonia joins the EU LIFE programme for environment and climate action

    05 Jul 2023

    North Macedonia is the fourth non-EU country to join the LIFE programme for environment and climate action, after Iceland, Ukraine and Moldova. By joining this programme, North Macedonia will have the opportunity to benefit from LIFE’s support for mobilising public and private resources for climate action, biodiversity protection, circular economy and clean energy transition.

  • Call for tenders: running the first European citizens’ hackathon championship

    04 Jul 2023

    The European Citizens’ Hackathon Championship will bring together citizens, innovators and researchers from across Europe. They will compete in teams for the best solutions that respond to the needs of citizens and communities to address the challenges of climate change, including those related to climate change adaptation, through online hackathons.

  • Shaping the future of the EU Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change

    04 Jul 2023

    Representatives of the EU institutions, charter signatories, Friends of the Mission, national and regional authorities, financial institutions, and researchers reflected mid-June on how to increase collaboration to deliver on adaptation, improve climate risk management practices and societal preparedness, and to accelerate the uptake of adaptation solutions across the society and different levels of administration.

  • Climate adaptation progress in Europe

    04 Jul 2023

    The European Climate Neutrality Observatory (ECNO) tracks Europe’s progress to achieving climate neutrality. Adapting to climate impacts will require a wide range of adaptation responses across sectors and governance levels. To track progress, one of the building blocks assesses the implementation of adaptation actions, specifically nature-based solutions in the urban context, land use sectors, and the aquatic environment.

  • Highlights of ECCA2023 conference

    30 Jun 2023

    More than 450 in-person delegates and more than 1,000 online attendees promoted science, decision-support tools and case studies for climate adaptation during the 6th European Climate Change Adaptation Conference. The overall message was the importance of involving the whole of society in implementation of adaptation, every generation, every level of governments and every sector.

  • Climate resilience for European protected areas

    26 Jun 2023

    The EUROPARC Federation is the network for Europe’s natural and cultural heritage to improve the management of Protected Areas in Europe. A special edition of a EUROPARC Federation magazine provides insight into the climate change adaptation methodology that has been created in the LIFE Natur’Adapt project. It contains articles from all over Europe detailing the actions that are already happening on the ground to adapt to climate change. It also provides guidance to help the community of European Protected Area managers in their eff ort to consider climate change into their practice.

  • Seven EU economic governance reforms for a stronger, greener and more resilient Europe

    26 Jun 2023

    EU economic governance should support, rather than undermine the goals of the European Union, according to the Climate Action Network Europe (CAN) that has published a policy briefing recently. The fiscal consequences of not making the precautionary investments and reforms needed to mitigate and adapt to climate change are mentioned. CAN Europe is a non-profit organisation receiving funding from the European Commission, governments, foundations as well as contributions and membership fees from its member organisations.

  • Increasing tree coverage to 30% in European cities could reduce deaths linked to urban heat island effect

    23 Jun 2023

    Global warming and the expansion of the built environment are expected to intensify the urban heat island (UHI) effect, and related adverse health impacts. A new study shows that an increasing tree coverage to 30% would lower temperatures by an average 0.4°C, avoiding about 1.8% of all summer deaths in European cities, and nearly 40% of deaths attributable to UHI effects.

  • New analysis indicates European cities and countries with highest expected losses from future flooding

    23 Jun 2023

    This study provides useful quantification of future flood risk in Europe by integrating climate, socio-economic and private precaution scenarios, offering a detailed overview of risk drivers, trends and hotspots. This large-scale assessment is valuable for multi-scale risk-based flood adaptation planning by policymakers and states within Europe.