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  • Climate Talks - How to adapt to climate change in nature Protected Areas?

    24 Feb 2023

    Climate Talks is a five-part documentary that aims at better understanding what it takes to help adapting nature to climate change and how to use nature-based solutions for adaptation. They discover the experience developed by nature conservation professionals in and around Nature Protected Areas across Europe.

  • Great opportunities, but also challenges, for NBS in the Nordics

    23 Feb 2023

    The new report "Working with Nature-Based Solutions: Synthesis and mapping of status in the Nordics" provides an overview of the status of Nature-based Solutions, including research, political frameworks, challenges and examples of implemented projects in the Nordics. The report was funded under the Nordic Council of Ministers' research programme running from 2021-24. The progamme encourages the Nordic countries to work together and enhance their knowledge base on nature-based solutions, restoration, climate mitigation and blue/green infrastructure.

  • The Greek National Adaptation Hub is now available online

    23 Feb 2023

    Greece has recently released its National Adaptation Hub. The Hub intends to provide tools and resources for assisting decision-makers, raise awareness of adaptation, and promote sharing of good practices among key adaptation stakeholders. The Hub has been developed in the framework of the LIFE-IP AdaptInGR project.

  • UrbanByNature South Eastern Europe Hub Webinar #3 Recap: Achieving environmental and social targets through Urban Greening Plans

    13 Feb 2023

    The #3 UrbanByNature South Eastern Europe webinar addressed environmental and social targets through Urban Greening Plans. Likewise, aspects on how to outline an action plan through strong participation of citizens in defining priority topics and intervention areas for urban climate adaptation, resilience and urban nature among others were discussed. Case studies from Athens, Belgrade and from CLEVER Cities project were presented.

  • European Climate Risk Assessment

    10 Feb 2023

    The Directorate-General for Climate Action of the European Commission (DG CLIMA) and the European Environment Agency (EEA) initiated the preparation of the first European Climate Risk Assessment (EUCRA). It aims to assess current and future climate change impacts and risks relating to the environment, economy and wider society in Europe. The assessment will focus on complex climate risks such as cross-border, cascading and compound risks.

  • Facing increasing river flood risk in Europe: adaptation measures can save lives and billions of euro

    10 Feb 2023

    Flood adaptation strategies are needed to face the increased intensity and probability of floods in most parts of Europe due to global warming. A new paper co-developed by scientists from the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission and published in Nature Climate Change compares the costs and benefits of flood risk reduction measures in Europe. The study shows that flood adaptation can be highly cost-effective and is crucial to offset rising river flood risk in Europe with climate change.

  • Guide for Local Climate Change Adaptation Planning in the Baltic Sea Region

    10 Feb 2023

    The “Guide for Local Climate Change Adaptation Planning in the Baltic Sea Region”, will help local governments and communities in taking initial action to create a safe, socially, and economically secure and sustainable society that is resilient to current and future impacts of climate change. The guidelines for preparing and drafting the climate change adaptation plan for local governments in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) were prepared as the output of the Climate Mainstreaming Locally in the Baltic Sea Region (CliMaLoc) project.

  • European Union disaster resilience goals

    10 Feb 2023

    The European Commission has developed, together with Member States, five Union disaster resilience goals to steer future work on disaster prevention and preparedness. These goals point to strategic areas where Member States and the Commission need to work together in order to strengthen our collective capacity to withstand future disasters (including extreme weather events), to protect citizens, and to safeguard livelihoods, as well as the environment.

  • Water scarcity conditions in Europe: Water scarcity affected 29% of the EU territory during at least one season in 2019

    07 Feb 2023

    The European Environment Agency (EEA) indicator “Water scarcity conditions in Europe” has a biannual updating frequency. The recently updated helps to measure water consumption, water resources under stress and water scarcity probabilities due to climate impacts in the European Union territory. It shows that there has been no overall reduction in the area affected by water scarcity conditions.

  • 6th European Climate Change Conference (ECCA2023): Calls are open for activities before February 27, 2023

    07 Feb 2023

    Europe’s influential climate adaptation conference, ECCA2023, takes place from 19 to 21 June 2023, and will be held in Dublin, Ireland. It has opened its call for contributions to share climate adaptation solutions and challenges, content proposals, posters, and creative arts. Deadline to submit applications is on Monday, February 27, 2023 before 23:59 (CET).