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  • The Covenant of Mayors Podcast Episode 1 - Cascais City Council expert on cities and states adapting to climate change.

    27 Jan 2023

    The podcast series gives an overview of how cities can adapt to climate change across Europe. In the first episode, João Dinis, Head of the Accelerating Urban Transitions Office at Portugal's Cascais City Council, tells about how cities and states can work together for climate adaptation.

  • Implementing the Green Deal: Commission launches Climate Resilience Dialogue

    27 Jan 2023

    The European Commission launched the Climate Resilience Dialogue, as announced in its Strategy for Financing the Transition to a Sustainable Economy as well as in the new EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change. The first meeting of the dialogue brought together insurers, reinsurers, the corporate sector, consumers, public authorities and other stakeholders to exchange views and best practices to address the losses incurred from climate-related disasters.

  • The Bigger Picture: how climate and biodiversity are intimately linked, and what the European Union is doing to protect them both

    27 Jan 2023

    The European Union (EU) has had considerable success with funding local projects in Europe and worldwide towards global climate action and biodiversity protection efforts. However, urgent large-scale action is still needed to prevent countless plant and species from going extinct and ultimately avoid irreversible disruption of our ecosystems, with potential negative consequences for climate change.

  • The European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) launches its fully unified marine data service

    27 Jan 2023

    The European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet), launched its fully unified marine data service, integrating all the data into one single portal. Rapid access to reliable and accurate data and information is vital in addressing threats to the marine environment, in the development of policies and legislation to protect vulnerable areas of our coasts and oceans, in understanding trends and in forecasting future changes. This portal contributes to international and European efforts on adaptation to climate change.

  • Will more frequent river floods cause widespread malfunction of European road networks?

    27 Jan 2023

    A new study on “Flood risk assessment of the European road network” has been released. It investigates whether the potential level of disruptive impact on the road networks of European countries could reach a socio-economic tipping point, with an abrupt and large loss of road-network function. This research applies a form of statistical analysis to large-scale flooding events in Europe, and aims to inform climate adaptation policy.

  • Horizon Europe funding and tender opportunities for 2023 - deadline 18 April 2023

    24 Jan 2023

    The Horizon Europe Framework Programme has opened several calls for proposals on climate adaptation for 2023. Climate sciences and responses (HORIZON-CL5-2023-D1-01). Deadline date: 18 April 2023 17:00:00 Brussels time.

  • When will a 2-meter rise in sea level occur, and how might we adapt?

    19 Dec 2022

    In a joint policy brief, the EU-funded H2020 projects PROTECT, CoCliCo and SCORE projects identify actions that are urgently needed to limit losses and damages, as coastal adaptation is an ongoing process that involves short-term actions, long-term planning and strategic thinking.

  • EU Member States make progress in climate adaptation to boost resilience, EEA review finds

    14 Dec 2022

    EU Member States recognise the importance of adapting to impacts of heatwaves, droughts, floods, heavy precipitation and changing temperatures and of mainstreaming climate change adaptation to a wide range of affected areas like agriculture, or water and disaster risk management. These are key findings of a recently published European Environment Agency (EEA) report which assesses the state of national adaptation actions in 2021.

  • Dashboard on insurance protection gap for natural catastrophes, including climate-related events

    08 Dec 2022

    The European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) has released its dashboard, mapping the insurance protection gap for natural disasters across Europe. The tool presents the drivers of the climate-related insurance protection gap. It aims to identify measures that will help reducing society’s losses in the event of natural catastrophes in Europe.

  • New brochure to further climate-neutral and resilient living in the Alps

    07 Dec 2022

    The Alpine Climate Board of the Alpine Convention released a new brochure, “Closing the gap on climate action”. The publication showcases Alpine initiatives that build new “rope teams” to support climate-neutral and resilient living in the Alps. It presents concrete, Alpine-specific good practice examples for climate action in four areas (mobility, consumption, buildings, and culture).