The full statement can be read at the ASPHER website.

Its seven points include:

  1. Recognition and strengthening of the linkage between Climate Change and Health, among others at the European level, via the European Climate and Health Observatory
  2. An integrated global approach to Climate Change and Health, incorporating One Health, also taking into account the global effect of environmental degradation due to human activities
  3. Solidarity across countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while reducing the impacts of Climate Change on Health
  4. Reducing the impact of Climate Change on Health inequalities, hence fighting for climate justice
  5. Training and capacity building in Climate Change and Health for multiple stakeholders, accelerating activities in core curricula for academic programs, in life-long learning programs for a prepared workforce
  6. Well-funded interventional transdisciplinary research on Climate Change and Health, at national and international levels and involving civil society, ideally financed by a dedicated global fund and facilitated by a global network
  7. Advocacy on Climate Change and Health, to raise awareness, build preparedness, influence political decisions and secure adequate funding
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