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Open horizon Europe calls for Climate-Health

The recently adopted Horizon Europe Work Programme 2023-2024 includes calls for Research & Innovation activities, co-funded partnerships (COFUND) and Coordination and Support Actions (CSAs). The Health cluster is divided into six Destinations, focusing on a broad range of areas of importance for the future of health. Several clusters have open calls that are relevant for the climate-health nexus.

The calls within the health cluster of the Horizon Europe Work Programme 2023-2024  are organised according to the following six destinations:

  1. Staying healthy in a rapidly changing society
  2. Living and working in a health-promoting environment
  3. Tackling diseases and reducing disease burden
  4. Ensuring access to innovative, sustainable and high-quality health care
  5. Unlocking the full potential of new tools, technologies and digital solutions for a healthy society
  6. Maintaining an innovative, sustainable and globally competitive health-related industry

Destination 2 “Living and working in a health-promoting environment” includes among others the following calls that can be relevant for the climate-health nexus:

  • HORIZON-HLTH-2023-ENVHLTH-02-01: Planetary health: understanding the links between environmental degradation and health impacts; 
  • HORIZON-HLTH-2023-ENVHLTH-02-02: Evidence-based interventions for promotion of mental and physical health in changing working environments (post-pandemic workplaces);  
  • HORIZON-HLTH-2023-ENVHLTH-02-04: Global coordination of exposome research;
  • HORIZON-HLTH-2024-ENVHLTH-02-06-two-stage: The role of environmental pollution in non-communicable diseases: air, noise and light and hazardous waste pollution.
In Destination 4 “Ensuring access to innovative, sustainable and high-quality health care” you will find the following call that is relevant to the climate-health nexus:
  • HORIZON-HLTH-2023-CARE-04-03: Environmentally sustainable and climate neutral health and care systems

Application rules and options to connect with other actors interested in the calls can be found on the Funding & Tender portal.

An info day for cluster 1 will take place on 19 January.
Date: 11 Jan 2023