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  • Stockholm Statement: national public health institutes' role in preparedness and response to climate crisis

    05 Dec 2022

    National Public Health Institutes (NPHIs) from around the world met in Stockholm, Sweden early December to address and find solutions to the biggest challenges to the public health security. In the Stockholm statement they highlight the urgent need to apply the lessons learned from COVID-19 to address other health threats, including explicitly climate change. NPHIs have a vital role in handling the crises that affect human health.

  • Map viewer on accessibility of hospitals in Europe

    28 Nov 2022

    The European Climate and Health Observatory now offers a map viewer visualizing the accessibility of hospitals in Europe. Being able to arrive timely at a hospital is an essential aspect of access to healthcare. The viewer presents the average travel time to the nearest hospital per NUTS3 region within Europe.

  • New Observatory section on climate-sensitive impact of pollen on health

    21 Nov 2022

    Pollen, released by various plant species, is one of the most common allergens in Europe and responsible for allergic diseases in people. Climate change affects people's exposure to pollen and the process of becoming allergic. The Observatory now includes a dedicated section describing the impact of pollen on human health, observed and projected effects of climate change on pollen, and examples of policy responses to reduce the burden for human health and its economic costs.

  • ASPHER compiles resources for public health education on climate change

    18 Nov 2022

    The Climate-Health page of the Association of Schools for Public Health in the European Region (ASPHER) compiles activities and education resources on climate change and health for public health education.

  • Europe's heatwaves: How to keep buildings cool sustainably?

    11 Nov 2022

    The European Environment Agency (EEA) briefing ‘Cooling buildings sustainably in Europe’ analyses how to best alleviate heat stress in buildings and its potential impacts on vulnerable groups, health and inequalities and at same time decrease the energy use. The frequent heatwaves and increasing vulnerability of the population will lead to a substantial increase in adverse health impacts in Europe unless adaptation measures are taken.

  • New EEA report ‘Climate change impacts on health in Europe: heat and infectious diseases’ out

    10 Nov 2022

    The new EEA report ‘Climate change as a threat to health and well-being in Europe: focus on heat and infectious diseases’ providing evidence and outlooks on the health threats caused by heatwaves and climate-sensitive diseases is published.

  • 2022 Europe report of the Lancet Countdown on health and climate change

    28 Oct 2022

    Alongside the publication of the 2022 Global Report, the Lancet Countdown in Europe published its health and climate change report with focus on Europe. The report highlights health effects of climate change and the health co-benefits of climate action.

  • Map viewer on availability of urban green spaces to vulnerable groups

    14 Oct 2022

    The European Climate and Health Observatory now includes a map viewer visualizing the availability of urban green spaces to vulnerable groups. The viewer allows to explore the availability of urban green to the elderly and to unemployed people as well as around schools and hospitals.

  • EEA launches new report on climate and health

    13 Oct 2022

    On 9 November, EEA will launch its new report ‘Climate change as a threat to health and well-being in Europe: focus on heat and infectious diseases’. During the online launch event, EEA and the European Commission will discuss the report’s key findings, solutions to minimise the climate-related health threats, and insights into related EU policy responses. Participants can discuss actions to minimise health threats through more resilient health systems.

  • European Climate and Health Observatory launched and joint Lancet Countdown-EEA Briefing published

    28 Sep 2022

    The European Climate and Health Observatory is a partnership of the European Commission, the EEA and several other European and international organizations. This Observatory provides access to a wide range of resources on climate change and health, and aims to strengthen the health component in adaptation strategies and activities as well as the climate adaptation component in health policies. The Observatory was launched on 4 March 2021 in a virtual launch event together with its partner organisations and users. In connection with the launch of the Observatory, the Lancet Countdown and the EEA publish a joint briefing ’Responding to the health risks of climate change in Europe’. This Briefing highlights key health impacts from climate change as well as opportunities to reduce climate-related health risks through adaptation policies aligned with mitigation actions.