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EU Adaptation Strategy

The EU strategy on adaptation to climate change aims at making Europe more climate-resilient. Taking a coherent approach by complementing the activities of Member States, it supports action by promoting greater coordination and information-sharing and by ensuring that adaptation considerations are addressed in all relevant EU policies.

The Strategy is made up of a Communication from the Commission, which is supplemented by a set of accompanying documents.

The Communication in particular refers to three main priorities, and defines a series of eight actions to implement in order to fulfil them. Read the factsheet describing the EU Adaptation Strategy for more detailed information on actions.

  • Guidance and suggestions to support Member States and other stakeholders developing adaptation strategies, using European funds, or integrating adaptation considerations into projects.
  • Assessment of climate change impacts and adaptation frameworks in key sectors and areas (e.g. coastal and marine, health, infrastructure, rural development, etc.
  • a Green paper on the insurance of natural and man-made disasters, addressing the suitability of the insurance conditions in Europe due to the higher occurrence of extreme events.  

Implementing the strategy

Implementing the Strategy to improve the EU's preparedness for current and future climate impacts encompasses several actions organised around the 3 priorities:

Priority I: Promoting action by MS

 Priority 2: Better informed  decision making

Priority 3: Key vulnerable sectors

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