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Updating of other sections of Climate-ADAPT

National information (country pages)

For updating national (country) adaptation pages in CLIMATE-ADAPT the process of submission of updated or new information is as follows:

  • the national representatives of the EU27 member states and the additional 5 EEA member countries are responsible for such changes, and 
  • the European Commission will regularly (with a frequency to be defined) request countries to provide updates or new information according to the template that is used in CLIMATE-ADAPT.

A two-step review process is foreseen:

  1. after submission by the country representative, the European Commission and EEA will check whether the information is in line with the required template. If not, they may request changes;
  2. the final version will then be prepared by the country representative and after approval by the Commission and EEA will be included in the platform.

EU sectoral information

The EU sectoral policy pages will be regularly checked by the various responsible DGs of the European Commission, coordinated by DG CLIMA. When appropriate, the respective EU sectoral pages will be updated.


The European Commission (including Eurostat) and EEA are coordinating their indicator activities.

EEA uses the following definition of an indicator: 'An environmental indicator is a measure, generally quantitative, that can be used to illustrate and communicate complex environmental phenomena simply, including trends and progress over time – and thus helps provide insight into the state of the environment

EEA indicators are available here, including about 40 indicators regarding state of the climate and impacts of climate change (many published in 2008 which will be updated and/or revised in autumn 2012).

Eurostat publishes various indicators, including those on sustainable development.

Indicators in CLIMATE-ADAPT follow EEA requirements regarding both the assessment and the underlying methodology description. EEA will regularly update the indicators on its main web site and these updates will also appear in CLIMATE-ADAPT.

Maps, Graphs and Datasets

Datasets, maps and graphs related to climate change adaptation, including, for example, maps visualisng observations, projections, impacts, vulnerability and risks. Map viewers are also included.

For submission of spatial data the INSPIRE Directive requirements that metadata need to be followed (see:

Providing and including spatial data in the CLIMATE-ADAPT map viewer requires specific discussions on various technical issues. Thus researchers who are interested in proposing spatial data to be included are advised to contact the CLIMATE-ADAPT administrator.

Other information/web pages

All other information/web pages of CLIMATE-ADAPT will be regularly checked and updated by EEA and ETC CCA, in collaboration with the European Commission (coordinated by DG CLIMA).

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