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Preparing the ground for adaptation Assessing risks and vulnerabilities to climate change Identifying adaptation options Assessing adaptation options Implementation Monitoring and evaluation

Getting started

1.1 How to use the adaptation support tool?

The Adaptation Support Tool consists of six steps that together help you explore vulnerability to the current climate and future climate change, identify adaptation options, develop and implement a climate change adaptation plan, and monitor its results. It also provides access to information, tools and resources to help in adaptation planning. Each step of the Adaptation Support Tool consists of a general introduction and a number of more detailed support sections. It is recommended that you read through the introduction of each step before you choose to either examine it in detail or proceed to the next step. The Adaptation Support Tool will not produce a tailor made climate adaptation strategy at the press of a button. It does however, provide access to resources that can help you to consider climate change in your decision-making and help you to develop an adaptation plan.

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