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Preparing the ground for adaptation

European Investment Bank (EIB)

The European Investment Bank (EIB) defines under its priority on Climate Action funding for projects to cut greenhouse-gas emissions but also for those which help adapt to climate change.

The EIB invests, provides technical and financial expertise and blends funding from other sources on projects such as:

  • Renewable energy generation and promotion
  • Rational energy use
  • Energy efficiency technology
  • Sustainable public and private transport
  • Water: efficient supply and management
  • Recycling
  • Forestry: acting as carbon sinks and combatting soil erosion
  • Research, development and innovation

Loans are the main source of backing for climate action projects.

Climate action is also supported via the joint EIB/European Commission initiatives such as:

  • ELENA(Maximising investment in sustainable energy)
  • JEREMIE(Flexible SME funding)
  • JESSICA(Supporting urban development)
  • JASPERS(New EU members' infrastructure project advice)

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