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Climate Change and Major Projects


Major projects are funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Cohesion Fund and listed in the concerned operational programmes. A major project has a total eligible cost exceeding € 50 million (and € 75 million for e.g. transport projects). More than 500 major projects are foreseen in the period 2014-2020. Climate change adaptation and mitigation considerations are integrated in the preparation and approval of major projects.

This fact sheet is first and foremost intended for those involved in the various development stages of major projects. However, the methodology presented is not limited to major projects. It has a broader scope and can be usefully applied for a wider range of projects.

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feasibility, mainstreaming, mitigation, option

Climate impacts

Droughts, Extreme Temperatures, Flooding, Ice and Snow, Sea Level Rise, Storms, Water Scarcity


Vulnerability Assessment


Agriculture, Biodiversity, Buildings, Coastal areas, Disaster Risk Reduction, Energy, Financial, Forestry, Health, Marine and Fisheries, Transport, Urban, Water management

Geographic characterisation


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