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Green Infrastructure Guide for Water Resources Management


United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), together with UNEP-DHI Partnership – Centre on Water and Environment, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and the World Resources Institute (WRI) have developed the guide for water resources management related to green infrastructure. 

Green infrastructure is one of the ways to adapt to climate change. GI solutions require a deliberate and conscious effort to utilize the provision of ecosystem services to provide primary water management benefits, as well as a wide range of secondary cobenefits using a more holistic approach. The guide includes case studies on how to develop GI options to address water management challenges, while delivering a number of significant co-benefits. 

This guide addresses one of the main barriers to widespread adoption of GI solutions: a general lack of awareness of the solutions and associated costbenefits. 

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Published in Climate-ADAPT Jun 07 2016   -   Last Modified in Climate-ADAPT Mar 04 2020

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