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UKCIP ‘Adaptation Wizard’

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The UKCIP Adaptation Wizard is a tool to help organisations adapt to climate change. It uses a 5-step process that will help assessing an organisation’s vulnerability to current climate and future climate change, identifying options to an organisation’s key climate risks, and help developing and implement a climate change adaptation strategy. It is also a guide to the information, tools and resources available from UKCIP to help organisations plan how to adapt. The 5 step process supports:

- Teaching its users about climate change adaptation.
- Access to the information, tools and resources UKCIP provides to help dealing with climate change.
- Conducting a high level assessment of your sensitivity to the current climate and to future climate change.
- Making a decision, or develop a project, programme, policy or strategy, that is resilient to climate change.
- Developing a climate change adaptation strategy in a way that internalises the learning process. The benefit of this approach is that the capacity of the individuals involved and of the organization as a whole to respond to climate change will be enhanced.

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Published in Climate-ADAPT Jun 07 2016   -   Last Modified in Climate-ADAPT May 27 2022

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