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Centre for Climate Change Impacts Adaptation and Modelling (CCIAM)


The Centre for Climate Change Impacts Adaptation and Modelling (CCIAM) from the Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon (FCUL) has recognizable experience in national and international climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation research projects. Over the past decade, this group has carried large scale academic climate change assessments, but also more focused applied research directed at municipalities, companies and decision-makers.

CCIAM carries multisectoral climate change impacts and vulnerabilities assessments on natural resources, including water resources, biodiversity, forests, agriculture, tourism and health. The group also focuses on adaptation to climate change, including topics such as adaptation responses in practice, planning for adaptation, dealing with uncertainties and developing sustainability. Presently, CCIAM coordinates a large European FP7 project named CIRCLE-2 which is committed to fund research and share knowledge on climate adaptation and to promote long-term cooperation among national and regional climate change programmes. In line with its objectives, CIRCLE-2 maintains the Climate Adaptation INFOBASE that includes research projects on climate adaptation funded from 2005 onwards, at national and local levels, as well as transnational projects funded by CIRCLE-2 (

Other research projects from CCIAM include:

BASE - Bottom-up Climate Adaptation Strategies towards a Sustainable Europe .

ADMICCO project which main goals are to create an adaptation strategy for climate change for coastal cities of Peru, Ecuador and Chile (; . Climate Uncertainties joint research initiative ( Dedicated to the issue of dealing with and communicating uncertainties in climate change and climate adaptation.

ADAPTACLIMA (Adapting EPAL, the largest Portuguese water supply utility, to climate change scenarios -

CIRAC (Floods and Flood Risk Maps in Climate Change Scenarios -

SIAM (Climate Change in Portugal – Scenarios, Impacts and Adaptation Measures - .

PECAC (Strategic Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change in Cascais Municipality, which evaluated climate change impacts in sectors such as local agriculture, water resources, biodiversity, tourism and health - .

BioAdaPT (Portuguese Climate Change Adaptation Strategy for Biodiversity).

In line with the National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy, CCIAM is working with the National Biodiversity and Forests Institute (ICNBF) to create a sectoral adaptation strategy for biodiversity.

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