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Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE) (2010)


Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE) is a joint project of the non-profit organization EcoAdapt and the publishing company Island Press.

It is aimed at building a shared knowledge base for managing natural systems in the face of rapid climate change and it is intended to help build a community of practice.

The website consists principally of 4 interlinked components: a virtual library, case studies, a directory and tools and it also houses community forums for the discussion of current issues in conservation in a changing climate.

Included case studies:

  • are relevant to conservation and resource management from a climate change perspective;
  • specifically address adaptation or integrate adaptation into other work;
  • an support climate change adaptation;
  • provide clear details on the actual or planned process, implementation, and outcomes of adaptation projects/initiatives.

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Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange

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