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European Biodiversity Observation Network (EBONE) (2012)


The European Biodiversity Observation Network (EBONE) is a European contribution on terrestrial monitoring to GEO BON, the Group on Earth Observations Biodiversity Observation Network. EBONE is an EU FP7 project. The key challenge of the EBONE project is the development of a cost effective system of biodiversity data collection at regional, national and European levels. The need for the project is to develop a system for a coherent system for data collection that can be used for international comparable assessments. GEO BON is a concept for two closely related, global networks, a social network a Community of Practice for those engaged in collecting, managing, and utilizing biodiversity observations as well as and a physical network, the interoperating systems that store and distribute biodiversity information of all kinds that is held by a great number organizations. In the GEOSS 10 year implementation plan it is stated that GEO BON “will unify many of the disparate biodiversity observing systems and create a platform to integrate biodiversity data with other types of information. Harmonisation of observations, real- or near real-time monitoring integration of information from in situ and space based observations will be advocated.

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