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INFOBASE - Climate adaptation research database (2010)

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The CIRCLE-2 Climate Adaptation INFOBASE is a publicly accessible, online database on Climate Adaptation research. The INFOBASE includes relevant information on European research projects funded at national and local levels (National projects) as well as transnational projects funded within the framework of CIRCLE and CIRCLE-2 ERA – Net. Over 1000 adaptation projects have been submitted to the INFOBASE since its launch in 2011. The database covers projects with a completion date subsequent to 2005, and by the end of CIRCLE2 (set to 2014) it will cover a timeframe of 10 years (2005 - 2014) of European Climate Adaptation research. All of these have undergone a rigorous Quality Assurance/ Quality Control process. The majority of European countries are represented at INFOBASE.

The INFOBASE development is an integral part of the support that CIRCLE-2 ERA-Net has been providing to both the EU strategy on Adaptation and the CLIMATE-ADAPT platform development. The INFOBASE intends to promote greater coordination and information sharing between European countries (CIRCLE- 2 members or not), the EU and countries outside Europe, thus contributing to the persecution of a fully functional European Research Area (ERA) and Joint Programming (JP) on Climate Adaptation.

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