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OURCOAST, the European portal for Integrated Coastal Zone Management (2011)


Through OURCOAST, the European Commission aims to ensure that lessons learned from the coastal management experiences and practices can be shared and are made accessible to those who are seeking sustainable solutions to their coastal management practices.

OURCOAST focuses in particular on adaptation to risks and the impacts of climate change, information and communication systems, planning and land management instruments, and institutional coordination mechanisms.

The main final product of OURCOAST is the ICZM Database: a comprehensive compilation of hundreds of case study summaries that reflect successful examples of ICZM tools applied throughout Europe (with a search by Geographical Selection; Themes; Key Approaches; Free Search).

A multi lingual website will host the ICZM Database providing navigation and information about OURCOAST in ten European languages.

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Atlantic Ocean, Baltic Sea, Black Sea, ICZM, Mediterranean Sea, North Sea

Climate impacts

Flooding, Sea Level Rise, Storms


Adaptation Measures and Actions, Adaptation Plans and Strategies


Biodiversity, Coastal areas, Disaster Risk Reduction, Water management

Geographic characterisation


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