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Spatial Adaptation Knowledge Portal (2014)


The Spatial Adaptation Knowledge Portal provides information and tools to prepare an area for floods, extreme precipitation, drought and heat impacts. It was developed by the Climate Adaptation Services (CAS) foundation, as part of the Dutch Delta Programme (Spatial Adaptation programme) and the Knowledge for Climate program. It became operational in August 2014 and since then it has been hosted by the CAS foundation, which is also the main responsible organisation for the portal’s maintenance and update. The portal has around 150 daily visitors and it is continuously being updated with the most recent studies, new tools, and examples.

The portal provides information on spatial adaptation by providing different entries (policy-makers, companies, students and lecturers, and citizens) that visitors can inspect depending on their needs. The entries list relevant guidelines and tools that can be used to explore what climate adaptation is about. Users may search directly the database where they can find all the tools available on the portal. These tools range from instruments and guidelines to workshops and teaching material. Users can select a variety of indicators relevant to four climate risk-themes (flooding, pluvial flooding, drought and heat) and represent them spatially on a map of the Netherlands, as well as practical examples of good practices of spatial adaptation. Finally, the portal provides information on the policy context of spatial adaptation, a library with a rich collection of relevant (research) documents and reports, and a Helpdesk facility that answers questions and delivers GIS data on request, free of charge. Published information is available in both English and Dutch.

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