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Adaptation of forest management to climate change in Greece (LIFE AdaptFor)


The project aims to demonstrate that forest management can be adapted to climate change, while enhancing the capacity of forest services. To achieve this, the project has carefully selected 4 pilot sites (Kentriki Makedonia, Thessalia, Peloponnisos, Attiki), where changes in vegetation have already been observed (e.g. dying out of fir, invasion of conifers in evergreen broadleaved forests). The project will demonstrate this approach at these 4 sites, working at local level, and will then integrate the findings to give guidance and training at regional and national level. The project will also disseminate to all stakeholders and to the general public the reasons why the adaptation of forest management to climate change is needed. The project expects to achieve the following results: (i) assessment of the effects of climate change on selected forest ecosystems in Greece; (ii) incorporation in selected forest management plans of climate change considerations; (iii) creation of guidelines on the adaptation of forest management to climate change in Greece; (iv) wide dissemination of information on the need to adapt forest management to climate change, and methodologies for achieving this; (v) training of forest service personnel to incorporate climate change considerations into their forest management practices.

Project information


Section of Biotic Resources and Management of protected areas/ Greek Biotope Wetland Centre. Contact Person: Vasiliki CHRYSOPOLITOU, vasiliki@ekby.gr


Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, General Directorate for the Development and Protection of Forests and the Natural Environment

Source of funding

LIFE08 ENV/GR/000554

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