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Alpine Forest Fire Warning System (ALP FFIRS)


The ALP FFIRS project aims to improve forest fire prevention under a changing climate in the Alpine Space, by creating a shared warning system based on weather conditions. The fire regime at any given location is the result of complex interactions between fuels, social issues, topography, ignitions and weather conditions. The analysis of fires frequency and distribution will allow to model forest fire danger in the alpine region. The definition of a univocal Alpine Forest Fire Danger Scale will support the interpretation of danger thresholds as enhancement of emergency plans and operational procedures. Due to the climate change, forest fires as potential disturbance have become an issue in the Alpine region over the last decade. An Alpine network on forest fire impact mitigation will be assembled reflecting common policies in risk prevention management, by fostering mutual aid in prevention, preparedness and suppression procedures. The main objectives of this project are:

* to improve forest fire prevention in the Alpine territory with the creation of a shared forest fire danger warning system based on meteorological conditions affecting fire potential and forestry types mostly prone to forest fires, both in current and in future climate;
* to optimize the forest fire prevention and suppression procedures to preserve the alpine forest and guarantee the forest ecosystem services;
* to define common protocol for danger level interpretation, with the univocal European Forest Fire Danger Scale establishment, and resulting preparedness planning;
* to facilitate modulation and coordination of alerting processes and means dislocation in the different regions, reducing fire potential impact and increasing public awareness;
* to ensure comparable outputs that can be applied in case either of trans-border events or mutual aid need, through the trans-national involvement of decision makers;
* to foster a multi-risk systematic approach linking the forest fire effects with the increase in the landslide and debris flow vulnerability.
* Fire warning system
* Alpine network on forest fire impact mitigation
* Recommendations for policy makers and local stakeholders

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Regional Agency for Environmental Protection of Piedmont (IT)Ms. Renata Pelosini


* Arpa Piemonte, Regional Agency for Environmental Protection of Piedmont (I) * Regione Piemonte - Forest Policy Dept. (I) * Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia - Regional Civil Protection (I) * Regione Veneto - Directorate for Forest and Mountain Economy (I) * Slovenian Forestry Institute (SI) * CEREN Test and Research Center of the Entente for the Mediterranean Forest (F) * ZAMG Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics (AT) * ERSAF Lombardia - Regional Agency for Development of Agriculture and Forestry (I) * Technical University of Munich, Institute of Ecoclimatology (D) * University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Department of Forest and Soil Sciences, Institute of Silviculture (AT) * Regional development agency of Gorenjska region - BSC, Business support centre ltd. Kranj (SI) * WSL Swiss Federal Research Institute (CH) * Sezione forestale cantonale, Divisione dell'ambiente, Dipartimento del Territorio, Cantone Ticino (CH) * Fire brigade federation of Canton Ticino (CH) * Centro Funzionale regionale - Dipartimento difesa del suolo e risorse idriche - Regione Autonoma Valle d'Aosta (I)

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Interreg IV B Alpine Space

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