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CLIMATEWATER : Bridging the gap between adaptation strategies of climate change impacts and European water policies


The Project ClimateWater is aimed as the first step on the analysis and synthesis of data and information on the likely (known, assumed, expected, modelled, forecasted, predicted, estimated etc.) water related impacts of the changes of the climate with special regard to their risk and to the urgency of getting prepared to combat these changes and their impacts. The Project will identify all adaptation strategies that were developed in Europe and also globally for handling (preventing, eliminating, combating, mitigating) the impacts of global climate changes on water resources and aquatic ecosystems, including all other water related issues of the society and nature. Research needs in the field of 'climate impact on the water cycle and water users' will be identified with special regard to enable the ranking of adaptation action in the light of the magnitude of impact on water resources and the urgency of the action needed. The most important output of the project will be the identification of gaps that would hinder the implementation of the EU water policy in combating climate impacts on water. The project will formulate a coherent framework on adaptation strategies of climate change impacts on water resources, water cycling and water uses of the society and nature with special regard to those that water policy has to take into account when considering climate change impacts.

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VITUKI Environmental and Water Research Institute (HU)Prof. Dr. Géza JOLÁNKAI

University of Debrecen, Faculty of Technology, Hungary; Water Research Institute of the National Research Council, Italy; Institute of Environmental Systems Research, University of Osnabrück, Germany; National Institute of Marine Geology and Geo-ecology, Romania Geonardo Environmental Technologies, Hungary; University of Vienna, Faculty of Ecology, Austria; University of Leicester, United Kingdom; Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute, Slovakia; SOGREAH Consultants, France; Malta Resources Authority, Malta

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FP 7

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Adaptation measures/responses, Adaptation strategy, Impact assessment



Climate impacts

Water Scarcity, Droughts


Vulnerability Assessment, Adaptation Measures and Actions, Sector Policies


Water management

Geographic characterization


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