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Climate Proof Areas, North Sea Region (CPA)


Climate is changing and consequences are already visible. To ensure a safe, natural and wealthy future, adapting land to the changing conditions is one of the greatest challenges in the North Sea region. Belgium, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom have joined forces in a project called ‘Climate Proof Areas’. The project brings together various types of partners with different viewpoints to the issue on how to deal with climate changes. The partners are in different stages in terms of development and implementation of adaptation strategies. The Belgian partner is in the stage of analysis and identifying the problem. Partners of Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands are in the process of developing adaptation policies and translating this towards implementation. The partners of the United Kingdom have formulated various policies in this field and is in the process of implementation. Scientists, water experts and civil servants from all five partners are developing new innovative and sustainable methods to help render ten threatened areas climate proof. Within every project local governments and inhabitants are involved to make sure various local threats and problems will be taken into account. Focusing on local environment and economic opportunities and sharing this information between European partners means Climate Proof Areas will provide lessons. In this project scientific data on the regional effects of climate change, policy recommendations how adaptation can be done, innovative technical solutions on the ground and a toolkit for drawing up your own adaptation plan are put together.

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Province of Zeeland (NL)


Province of Zeeland (NL) AB Värmland (SE) Arvika (SE) Deltares (NL) Ghent University (BE) National Trust (UK) Oldenburg University (DE) RSPB (UK) Schouwen- Duiveland (NL) SGI (SE) Rijkswaterstaat (NL) SMHI (SE) Wildlife BCNP (UK)

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Interreg IV B North sea

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