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NCoE CRAICC : Cryosphere-Atmosphere Interactions in a Changing Arctic Climate


CRAICC is part of the Top-level Research Initiative (TRI), the largest joint Nordic research and innovation initiative to date, aiming to strengthen research and innovation regarding climate change issues in the Nordic Region.
The ongoing changes in the Arctic climate and the cryosphere are both linked to radiative forcing, arctic warming, society and human activities, and feedback into the climate system. The accepted wisdom has been to explain the enhanced warming of Arctic areas with the ice-albedo feedback mechanism. The NCoE CRAICC goes beyond this conventional thinking to include the roles of society and associated human activities as part of the interactions and feedback mechanisms acting on the Arctic climate system. The NCoE CRAICC focuses on the role of short-lived pollutants and aerosol-cloud interactions and their links to cryospheric changes.

Project information

University of Helsinki (FI)

University of Helsinki (FI), Finnish Meteorological Institute (FI), University of Eastern Finland (FI), Stockholm University (SE), University of Uppsala (SE), University of Gothenburg (SE), Lund University (SE), University of Copenhagen (DK), University of Aarhus (DK), University of Oslo (NO), Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NO), Norwegian Polar Institute (NO), Norwegian Meteorological Institute (NO), Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NO), Center for International Climate and Environmental Research (NO), University of Iceland (IS)

Source of funding
Toppforskningsinitiativet (TRI)

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Arctic climate system, Cryosphere, Earth System Modeling



Climate impacts

Extreme Temperatures, Ice and Snow


Observations and Scenarios


Biodiversity, Buildings, Disaster Risk Reduction, Energy, Forestry, Health, Marine and Fisheries, Water management

Geographic characterization


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