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Developing resilient, low-carbon and more livable urban residential area (LIFE DELIVER)


The LIFE DELIVER project aims to introduce adaptation and mitigation measures in residential areas consisting of mostly prefabricated buildings. The aim is to increase their resilience and reduce carbon footprints so as to boost the health and comfort of the local citizens, improve their property protection and increase biodiversity. The project will contribute significantly to EU policy priorities for climate adaptation and mitigation and biodiversity in urban areas. Specifically, the project aims to:

  • Increase knowledge of common consolidated climate resilience and carbon footprint assessment, as well as the monitoring of progress in urban residential areas;
  • Promote and demonstrate the integrated adaptation and mitigation approach with emphasis on eco-based climate solutions and biodiversity promotion;
  • Increase the inclusion of residents into the process of combating climate change to strengthen their safety from related risks and to promote biodiversity;
  • Propose changes and improvements to national climate legislation; and
  • Increase awareness and promote the project approach to other cities in the EU with similar climate problems.

Outcomes of the project are the tool Klimasken, useful for assessing cities, municipalities and buildings’ contribution to climate change and adaptation to climate change, and a catalogue of adaptation and mitigation options.

Project information


Bratislava Municipality Karlova Ves


BROZ - Bratislava Regional Environmental Protection Association, Slovakia

CI2, o.p.s., Czech Republic

IEPD - Passive House Institute, Germany

Source of funding

European Commission, Financial Instrument for the Environment: LIFE Program 2014-2020

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