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ECCONET Effects of Climate Change On the inland waterway and other transport NETworks


The objective of this study is to gather the expertise of partners from different fields related to meteorology, hydrology, infrastructure operation, transportation and economics to assess the effect of climate change on the transport network, taking the inland waterway network as a case-study. The project initially evaluates recent climate change scenarios, leading to predictions on the weather conditions in the future. Naturally, these may result in changes of the hydrological balance of the inland waterway network, being either associated with less ice formation and more balanced waterway conditions over the year or extreme situations such as prolonged low water periods or floods, depending on the region considered. The next step of the project is to evaluate the effect of these changes on the costs and reliability associated with inland waterway transport and other transport, which might lead to changes in transport flows. These calculations form the basis of a baseline scenario, assuming little or no deviation in policy related to IWT or other transport modes. In parallel with the construction of the reference scenario, we identify proper adaptation strategies for coping with possible climate change effects on IWT. Final results contain projections of service quality, flows on the inland waterway network under climate change conditions, as well as cost-benefit assessments of possible adaptation strategies.

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via donau (Austria), VU-FEWEB (The Netherlands), NEA Transport Research and Training (The Netherlands), FUCaM, BfG (Germany), VITUKI (Hungary), OMSZ (Hungary), DST (Germany), KNMI (The Netherlands)

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FP 7

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