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CLIMAR : Evaluation of climate change impacts and adaptation responses for marine activities


The main object of the project was to elaborate an evaluation framework for adaptation scenario’s/measures as a response to climate induced impacts for the total North Sea environment. The project was carried out in two phases: Phase I from 2006-2009, and Phase II from 2009-2011. Research and modelling was carried out to differentiate the primary impacts of climate change from the natural evolution at the North Sea scale. Two extensive case-studies (coastal flooding, fisheries sector) were carried out including the adaptive measures. This evaluation framework was developed to assess the value of the scenarios for each specific marine sector. The evaluation tool scored both economical, ecological and social merits and drawbacks of the adaptation strategy. Recommendations were formulated towards North Sea future policy and its different socio-economical activities. A series of reports were developed, including the deduction of primary and secondary impacts of climate change at the North Sea scale and the identification and evaluation of adaptation responses. Modelling results on currents, water elevation and waves were produced. A general “sustainable evaluation tool” for adaptive strategies of all marine sectors was produced, taking into account the lessons learned from the case-studies on coastal flooding and the fisheries sector.

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Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
Arcadis Belgium; Flanders Hydraulics Research; ILVO-Fisheries; Maritime Institute (MI)
Source of funding
SSD-research action of the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office.

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evaluation tool, marine ecosystem, socio-economic activities



Climate impacts

Flooding, Sea Level Rise, Storms


Adaptation Measures and Actions, Observations and Scenarios, Adaptation Plans and Strategies, Vulnerability Assessment


Buildings, Coastal areas, Marine and Fisheries, Transport

Geographic characterization


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