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NO REGRET : Finding the right measures to avoid water shortage


The main aim of the No Regret project was to study different aspects of water shortage and drought that are important to the North Sea Region. Four European countries have worked together to bring water shortage and its impact on land use on the political agenda. No Regret has contributed to put water shortage as part of policy-making and is now on the political agenda around the North Sea Region. Within the No Regret project each partner developed local integrated strategies by researching various measures to improve the availability of fresh water. Different sources of fresh water were researched for the use of drinking water, water for nature, water for urban development and water for agriculture. Several pilot projects were carried out in the field of water management for agriculture under water shortage conditions.

Project information

Province of Groningen (NL) Mirjam Bakker & Dorine Trans

Ministerie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Water Division (BE) ;North Jutland County Council (DK); Landwirtschaftskammer Hannover / Agricultural Chamber of Hannover (DE); Province of Fryslân (NL)

Source of funding
Interreg III B North Sea Region

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Adaptive management Adaptation measures/responses Adaptation strategy Guidance/Guidelines Impact assessment and indicator Vulnerability assessment Policy support



Climate impacts

Water Scarcity, Droughts


Vulnerability Assessment, Adaptation Plans and Strategies, Sector Policies


Water management

Geographic characterization


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