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Full costs of climate change (ClimateCost)


The objectives of ClimateCost are to advance knowledge of the full economic costs of climate change (costs of inaction and adaptation), through the following tasks:

  1. To identify and develop consistent scenarios for climate change and socio-economic development, including mitigation
  2. To quantify in physical terms, and economic costs, the costs of inaction for these scenarios
  3. To extend analysis to quantify and value the costs and benefits of adaptation, and the residual costs of climate change after adaptation
  4. To asses the physical effects and economic damages of a number of the most important major catastrophic events and major socially contingent effects
  5. To bring all the information above together to provide policy relevant output, including information on physical effects and economic values, and undertake analysis of policy scenarios.

Policy relevant output includes a series of policy briefs on adapation costs for European and Global Climate Change Projections, Sea Level Rise, River Floods, Energy, Health, Europe co-benefits. These can be downloaded from the project website.

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Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) Oxford (UK), Tom Downing (tomdowning.sei@gmail.com)


22 institutes in Europe, India and China

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FP 7

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Published in Climate-ADAPT Jun 07 2016   -   Last Modified in Climate-ADAPT Dec 20 2021

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