GENMEDOC aims to promote the exchange of technical information and the adoption of common protocols in the domain of conservation of the genetic resources of Mediterranean flora taxa, especially those growing in the habitats (either priority or not) included in the Directive 92/43/CEE (Habitats Directive), approved by the European Council on 21st May 1992. It aims to share the experience of a great part of the MEDOCC territory: Spain (València, Catalunya, Murcia and Illes Balears), Italy (Sardegna and Sicilia), France (Alps-Provence-Côte d’Azur), Greece (Crete), and Tunisia. Therefore, the project includes four of the most extensive West Mediterranean islands (Sicilia, Sardegna, Crete and Balears), often known as “hot spots” of biodiversity. On these islands, evolutive characteristics of the flora have caused the appearance of a great number of high biological value endemisms. These islands are strongly dependent on tourism, which has not always been respectful ot their natural inheritance. Faced with this general concern regarding biodiversity degradation, the European project GENMEDOC recognises and defends the need to adopt, throughout the basin, shared guidelines for the management and conservation of genetic material proceeding from the Mediterranean flora. The GENMEDOC project, co-financed by the European Union, brings together the initiatives dealing with the conservation and valuation of our biodiversity, one of Europe’s environmental priorities and, at the same time, one of the prioritized pivots of the communitarian programme INTERREG IIIB MEDOCC, which supports transnational cooperation projects in the domain of territorial development of western Mediterranean countries. The valuation, protection and management of our natural inheritance lies at the core of this pivot, which includes the development of European ecological networks (support to NATURA 2000).

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GENERALITAT VALENCIANA - Conselleria de Territori i Habitatge Centre d'Investigació i Experiències Forestals (CIEF)Antoni Marzo / Christophe Zreik


GENERALITAT VALENCIANA - Conselleria de Territori i Habitatge Centre d'Inve

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