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HYACINTS : Hydrological Modelling for Assessing Climate Change Impacts at different Scales


The overall objectives of HYACINTS are to establish improved tools and methodologies for assessing effects of climate change on water resources at both regional and local scales and to test these on cases relevant for the water supply sector in Denmark and for an international case relevant for export of Danish water resources management expertise. The intention of the present project is to develop the scientific basis for the next generation of hydrological impact assessment methodologies caused by future climate changes. The project will provide the foundation for operational hydrological change assessment with higher accuracy and better precision than previously developed.

Project information

Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland

Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, Department of Geography and Geology, University of Copenhagen, Department of Earth Sciences, Aarhus University, Danish Meteorological Institute, DHI, ALECTIA A/S, Geographic Resource Analysis & Science A/S, VCS Denmark, Copenhagen Energy, Aarhus Water Ltd, Nature Agency Odense, Nature Agency Roskilde.

Source of funding
Danish Council for Strategic Research and 1.2M € from partners

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Water, climate change effects, hydrological model, impacts


2008 - 2012

Climate impacts

Flooding, Ice and Snow, Sea Level Rise, Storms


Vulnerability Assessment


Buildings, Coastal areas, Disaster Risk Reduction, Energy, Water management

Geographic characterization


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