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CLIMAWARE : Impacts of climate change on water resources management– regional strategies and European view


The ClimAware project analysed the impacts of climate change on freshwater resources at the continental and regional scales, to identify efficient adaption strategies, to improve water management for various socio-economic sectors, and, hence, to contribute to an effective implementation of the Water Framework Directive (WFD).

The main objectives of the project have been addressed by combining a European modelling approach with case study analysis and regional (local) knowledge of water demand and water availability considering climate change as well as socio-economic developments. An integrated assessment for entire Europe was performed under the consideration of different scenarios and climate change projections. This large-scale perspective allows indicating regions which are potentially vulnerable to climate change and furthermore to identify regional adaptation measures, which could be promoted at the EU level. Additionally three case studies were selected across Europe to investigate changes in hydrologic regimes, water availability and sectoral water use. These case studies are focusing on three different water management issues in three different regions.

Project information

University of Kassel Department of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stephan Theobald Kurt-Wolters-Straße 3 34125 Kassel (Germany) E-Mail: wawi(at) Fon: +49 561 804 2749 Fax: +49 561 804 3952

University of Kassel, Center for environmental systems research (CESR), Kassel (Germany)

EPTB Seine Grands Lacs, Paris (France)

Institut national de recherche en sciences et technologies pour l'environnement et l'agriculture (Irstea) MONTPELLIER (France)

CIHEAM-IAMB, Land and Water Resources Management Department, Valenzano (Italy)

Source of funding
Funded by the 2nd IWRM-NET Funding Initiative for Research in Integrated Water Resources Management

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irrigation practices, sustainability, water availability, water demand, water resources management


2010 - 2013

Climate impacts

Droughts, Extreme Temperatures, Water Scarcity


Adaptation Measures and Actions


Agriculture, Water management

Geographic characterization


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