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BEWATER : Making society an active participant in water adaptation to global change


Sustainable water management under climate change is an urgent challenge for the Euro-Mediterranean region. Future climate change projections estimate an increase in water scarcity and droughts in the region, causing substantial socioeconomic losses and environmental impacts.
In this context, efforts are needed to strengthen public participation and embed a sense of responsibility within the society concerning water management and adaptation towards these threats. The combination of improved awareness, mutual learning processes and shared responsibility of the civil society and stakeholders are key to ensuring successful adaptation strategies and their implementation, leading to increased resilience of the social-ecological system of a river basin.

BEWATER addresses the above challenges by promoting dialogue and collaboration between science and society. The project aims at launching a transition from a technologically-focused river basin management approach to a stakeholder driven planning and management process that allows a pro active response to emerging climatic changes and related pressures. Based on a bottom-up approach, the multidirectional and multi-sectoral knowledge transfer throughout the project will raise awareness, feed ownership and ultimately lead to effective adaptation policies.

BEWATER proposes, with tests in case study river basins across the Mediterranean, a process of building resilience based on the engagement of a wide group of stakeholders, with the goal of achieving a sustainable and adaptive management at river basin scale. It is an iterative process of mutual learning between society and science, which identifies water management options and works out adaptation plans. It leads to innovation as a result of effective integration of local experience and research.

The results will be translated into generic adaptation guidelines that can be adopted in other river basins and results will be disseminated in a targeted and strategic way.

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Centre for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications (CREAF)

Anbessa Environmental Consulting. Deep Blue Consultants. Ecologic Institute, Europe for Business, European Forest Institute, Mediterranean Regional Office, Global Water Partnership - Mediterranean, Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia, Joint Research Centre - European Commission, National Research Institute of Rural Engineering Water and Forests (INRGREF), Prospex BVBA, The Cyprus Institute

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planning, river basin, society, stakeholders, water management



Climate impacts

Droughts, Water Scarcity


Sector Policies, Observations and Scenarios, Adaptation Plans and Strategies


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