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Managing Adaptive Responses to changing flood risk in the North Sea Region (MARE)


The vulnerability of the North Sea Region to flooding has been demonstrated on many occasions in recent years. Municipalities and other organisations involved in water management have an urgent need to reduce flood risk, but lack a framework and the resources. The MARE project sets out contribute to development of a framework and resources by developing and demonstrating a practical, transnational methodology to implement urban Flood Risk Management. The project will support national policy making related to the European Floods Directive and beyond. It will enable widespread implementation of local adaptive measures that mitigate flood risk.
MARE is developing and demonstrating a transnational approach to local Flood Risk Management through the following parallel areas of activity:
* Set up learning and Action Alliance (LAA) for professional stakeholders in flood risk management to enable collaborative learning. These alliances may include local, regional or national level authorities, knowledge institutes and private enterprises. The 'LAAs' are setting out to promote inclusive cooperation between organisations allowing the design of integrated Flood Risk Management solutions and avoiding adverse-impact solutions.
* Develop a climate Proofing Toolbox: The project is developing a toolbox and guidance for climate-proofing of responses identified in Flood Risk Management Plans. It is based on the needs of the members of the four LAAs. Using existing tools and guidance, the CPT helps users to take climate change predictions into account in the risk assessment and options planning processes. It helps to answer the questions of if, how and when to adapt to climate change. The CPT aims to help local water managers and urban planners, to achieve timely and effective implementation of managed/adaptive responses. In this regard, it is intended to support the implementation of the EU Floods Directive. Through collaboration with other EU Interreg projects, this toolbox and guidance sits within the context of a larger framework for flood risk and water management.
* The Learning and Action Alliances will demonstrate and evaluate the Climate Proofing Toolbox and Guidance by applying it to real flood risk management demonstration projects. The project will contribute to the development of local FRM plans, as well as validating or helping to enhance the Climate Proofing Toolbox and guidance.

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Gemeente Dordrecht (NL) Ms. Ellen Kelder


* Gemeente Dordrecht (NL) * Waterschap Hollandse Delta (NL) * Rijkswaterstaat (NL) *Dura Vermeer (NL) * City of Bergen (NO) * Hannover (DE) University of Hamburg (DE) Provincie Zuid Holland (NL) * Rotherham (UK) * Shefield City council (UK) * University of Shefield (UK) * University Hannover (DE) * Doncaster (UK) * Barnsley (UK) * UNESCO-IHE (NL) * Derbyshire (UK) * Chesterfield (UK) * Yorkshirewater (UK) * Environmental Agency (UK) * Veiligheidregio ZHZ (NL) * Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat (NL)

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Interreg IV B North sea

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