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Mediterranean cooperation for the defense of forests from fires (MED COOPFIRE)


The objective of MED COOPFIRE is to develop a more effective strategy to manage fire risks and extinguishment and a resilient response system that includes civil society. The approach is to gather the knowledge and skills of each partner and create a common action/reaction system. Policies and procedures need to harmonise; response teams need interoperability. This will lead to the creation of new tools compatible with existing facilities and a cross-border Forest Fire Prevention Unit (FPU) to help neighbouring regions quickly and independently.

The project intends to favor the development of synergies between the monitoring activities of the territory for the protection of forest assets against climate change and for the operations to extinguish fires and minimize risks.

The project will provide tools and means for the creation of "union modules", a sort of mobile structure, a cross-border communicative system of transport means, to better intervene in the management of cross-border/trans-regional fires by equipping themselves with the necessary equipment to operate in synergy with the various forces in the field and the possibility of intervening on the borders with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Project information


Regione Liguria - Dipartimento agricoltura, turismo, formazione e lavoro, Italy


Regione Toscana - Direzione Agricoltura e Sviluppo Rurale, Italy;

Istituto di BioEconomia – IBE, Italy;

Corpo Forestale e di Vigilanza Ambientale della Regione Sardegna, Italy;

Service Dèpartemental d'incendio et de Secours du Var, France;

Conseil Dèpartemental del Alpes Maritimes, France;

Service d'incendie et de Secours de Haute-Corse, France

Source of funding

Interreg Maritime

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