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RECLAIM REsolving CLimAtic IMpacts on fish stocks


RECLAIM’s approach emphasizes the underlying processes affected by climate change and will: * provide a review of the knowledge regarding climate change and its impacts on the productivity and distribution of fish and shellfish populations * develop (and test) working hypotheses on the patterns of species and ecosystem changes * develop (and test) working hypotheses on the underlying processes of change by data analyses and modeling (hindcasting exercises) * scenario test the effects of climate change on the distribution and productivity of fish populations (forecasting exercises) * formulate a suite of hypotheses to be tested and related research needs in future research programs * include stakeholder participation RECLAIM will summarize current knowledge, test process understanding, improve predictive capacity and formulate future research hypotheses by examining trophic processes, geographical distributions and essential habitat requirements for marine and shellfish in the NE-Atlantic. A conceptual framework will be developed to distinguish between processes acting on individual (physiology, behaviour), population (predation, competition) and ecosystem (physical habitat qualities, biological productivity, trophic coupling) levels.

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IMARES, Institute for Marine Resources, IJmuiden (NL) FRS – Marine Scotland (UK) Cefas - Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science (UK) Ifremer - Institut Francais de Recherche pour l’Exploitation de la mer (FR) University of Hamburg (DE) Technical University of Denmark (DK) Danish Meteorological Institute (DK) National Environmental Research Institue (NO) Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NL)

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