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SUSFISH : Shellfish productivity in the Irish Sea: Working towards a sustainable future


SUSFISH will produce guidelines for future fisheries management, ensuring sustainable development of the shellfish industry in Ireland and Wales for the next 50-100 years. This will be achieved by assessing the effects of climate change (via oceanographic models) on shellfish productivity in the Irish Sea and determining adaptation or mitigation strategies for the industry in the cross border TC area, including recommendations for protection of certain areas under Marine Spatial Planning (MSP). Aspects to be included are how current commercial shellfish productivity in the Irish Sea will respond to changes in temperature, salinity, water quality (eutrophication via organic and inorganic nutrients, acidification), sea level rise and changes in ocean current regimes. A range of climate change scenarios will be assessed from the IPCC worst-case scenario to conditions in the present day. SUSFISH will have significant socio-economic benefit for both Wales and Ireland, and will also be of international importance, as the project addresses issues that are of global concern.

Project information

Bangor University Wales – United Kingdom

University College Cork
Aberystwyth University
Swansea University
Heriot-Watt University

Source of funding
EU INTERREG-IVA Ireland/Wales Programme

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environmental conditions, environmental parameters, oceanographic modelling, productivity, scenarios


January 2009-January 2012

Climate impacts

Extreme Temperatures, Sea Level Rise


Observations and Scenarios, Vulnerability Assessment, Adaptation Plans and Strategies


Marine and Fisheries

Geographic characterization


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