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The Galician agriculture and forest sector facing climate change. (LIFE CHANGING THE CHANGE)


The project aims to inform farmers on new legislation and possible subsidies to improve environmental standards in farms and provide specific guidance on how to implement good practices for mitigation and adaptation to climate change. The agro-forestry sector is promoted as a sustainable management alternative to cope with climate change. Specifically, the use of renewable energies and biofuels, recycling, establishment of energy efficiency measures, organic farming, use of climate adapted crops and other environment and climate friendly measures are promoted. The project also organized several technical and training workshops for stakeholders and famers, as well as ‘Ecoguides’, brochures, posters, stickers, conference materials and educational materials for schools were produced. Indicators at 2000 farms and a personalised advisory office in each of the 37 Galician counties were also established.
Project results helped in promoting mitigation and adaptation strategies for the new scenario of climate change for the agriculture and forest sector in Galicia, through the active participation of professionals of the Galician agriculture and forest sectors. The project also contributed to inform and raise awareness of students about the importance of maintaining a multifunctional agriculture in Galicia and about the relation that this activity has with the environment, its contribution to climate change and the possible solutions it can provide.

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Unions Agrarias – UPA



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LIFE07 INF/E/000852

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