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Future Cities : Urban networks to face climate change


Anticipatory strategies are needed for adapting the urban structures in a way that the impacts of a changing climate will not endanger the urban living environment. The Future Cities-Partnership develops concepts and implementation strategies which - are not yet implemented on the practical level - save from greater financial loss by operating proactively - provide for synergy effects and cost-effectiveness by applying combined measures. The Future Cities Adaptation Compass is a guide for cities and regions to check the vulnerability and adaption options across sectors and to interlink different stakes. Concepts for pilot sites towards climate proof cities and city structures include methods for planning, effectiveness-cost analysis and implementation techniques. Implement pilot measures test the developed guidelines and action plans. Broad dissemination of the results is ensured by distinctly targeting disseminators e.g. architects, housing companies, project developers. Future Cities is the iniating partner in the SIC adapt! Cluster. SIC adapt! is a Strategic Initiative Cluster (SIC) of the INTERREG IV B North West Europe (NWE) Programme dealing with adaptation to the impacts of climate change. Eight approved transnational projects originating from seven Member States of the NWE Programme with around 100 partner organisations involved joining public authorities from all levels, scientific institutions, non profit and private organisations.

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Lippeverband, Germany,

Lippeverband (DE), Gemeente Arnhem (NL), Emschergenossenschaft (DE), Hastings Borough Council (UK), Gemeente Nijmegen (NL), Rouen Seine Aménagement (FR), Gemeente Tiel (NL), West-Vlaamse Intercommunale (BE)

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INTERREG IV B North-West Europe

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Adaptation tools and measures, Awareness raising, Regional development, Territorial cooperation



Climate impacts

Droughts, Extreme Temperatures, Flooding, Sea Level Rise, Storms, Water Scarcity


Adaptation Measures and Actions, Adaptation Plans and Strategies, Vulnerability Assessment


Buildings, Disaster Risk Reduction, Health, Urban, Water management

Geographic characterization


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