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Water Adaptation is Valuable for Everybody (WAVE)


The central aim of cooperation within WAVE is to prepare for future developments in regional water systems, caused by climate change, taking into account regional circumstances and practices. The overall challenge of the WAVE project is to create conditions for a sustainable, regional development in which the different (land use) functions are approached in an integrated manner and opportunities are used in such a way that the region is equipped to set off the consequences of climate change. The strengthening of the value of water in the region forms a leading principle within this context. The three main objectives, so called work packages, are: * developing policies that prevent damage and address opportunities, * making stakeholders and nature less vulnerable, * introducing the importance of water, creation of awareness. * Improving integration of water management in spatial planning * Regional risk analysis * Creating a spatial balance * Emergency response plans and policies

Project information


Waterschap Regge en Dinkel (NL) Mr. Piet van Erp


1. Somerset County Council (UK) 2. Wasserverband Eifel-Rur (DE) 3. Waterschap Groot Salland (NL) 4. Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij (BE) 5. Institution d' Aménagement de la Vilaine (FR)

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Interreg IV B Northwest Europe

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