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Adaptation Action Plan 2011-2015 - Finland (2011)


The "Action Plan for the Adaptation to Climate Change of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (2011-2015)" was approved in March 2011. It aims to mainstream climate change adaptation in the administrative sector of the Ministry and bring the measures presented both in Finland's National Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change and sectoral strategies to the concrete, practical level. The Adaptation Action Plan defines 41 measures for agriculture, forestry, fisheries, game supply and risk management (along with some cross-sectoral measures). The measures concern the security of supply and risk management, plant and animal health, plant breeding and biotechnology, environmental protection in agriculture, preparation for forest damages, adaptation of forest management practices, forest breeding and care for forest biodiversity, carbon sinks and water bodies, flood risk management, regulation system for fishing, game populations monitoring, rural development, research activities and communication.

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