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Adaptation strategy: Paris climate and energy action plan (2015)


The Climate Action Plan, adopted in 2007, was updated in 2012 with the adoption of the Main Guidelines of the Paris Climate and Energy Action Plan, supplemented by several operating and sectoral roadmaps defining concrete measures against climate change over the entire Parisian territory. The operational application of the Climate Action Plan in the form of an Adaptation strategy details and specifies the terms for adapting Paris to climate changes and the scarcity of resources in the form of 30 objectives applied in 35 actions.

The adaptation strategy aims at coordinating the initiatives at the level of the Parisian territory, mobilising relevant stakeholders and proposing new actions with the goal of adapting Paris to the effects of climate change and the scarcity of resources, while making the city more resilient, more attractive, and a nicer place to live.

The challenges, objectives and actions of the Adaptation strategy– For a more resilient city are presented in four parts, which correspond to four requirements and
scales of intervention:
1. Protect Parisians from extreme climate events
2. Ensure the supply of water,food and energy
3. Live with climate change: more sustainable city planning
4. Foster new lifestyles and boost solidarity

Each of these parts contains several types of action, from improving knowledge to the long-term development of the city, experimentation and raising awareness and mobilising stakeholders.

Le Plan Climat Énergie de Paris

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behavioural change, city planning, essential services, food supply, green infrastructure, green spaces, local adaptation plans, migration, monitoring, resource scarcity, telecommunications infrastructure, urban agriculture, vulnerable populations

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