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The EU Blue economy report 2020 (2020)


In its third edition, the EU Blue Economy Report continues to analyse the scope and size of the Blue Economy in the European Union. It aims at providing support to policymakers and stakeholders in the quest for a sustainable development of oceans, coastal resources and, most notably, to the development and implementation of policies and initiatives under the European Green Deal in line with the new approach for a sustainable Blue Economy.

For the purposes of the Report, the Blue Economy includes all those activities that are marine-based or marine-related. Therefore, the Report examines not only established sectors (i.e. those that traditionally contribute to the Blue Economy) but also emerging (those for which reliable data are still developing) and innovative sectors, which bring new opportunities for investment and hold huge potential for the future development of coastal communities.

This Report intends to serve as a useful input to assessing the potential of oceans and coasts for shifting to more sustainable economy and to supporting the development of policies in line with the strategic approach for a sustainable blue economy at all levels of governance.

In this third edition, the Report seeks to include new elements, which have an impact on the Blue Economy. It specifically include challenges like climate change, and enablers such as Maritime Spatial Planning. In particular, chapter 3 explores the impacts of marine activities in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and the role of the ocean in regulating the earth’s climate and mitigating climate change. The chapter continues by investigating the impacts of climate change on the ocean, such as its effect on the fisheries and aquaculture sector and the increase of floods that will require coastal protection and adaptation. Finally, the impact of pollution and litter in the oceans (including plastics) is also analysed.

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